With My Friend

I'm so angry at a friend right now.

We started chatting when she got online and everything started well.
Everything good until now.
Then she starts saying how emo and stupid is someone from a site (that is very popular here; it's a kind of myspace). I didn't say anything about that person, since I know very little about them, I just pointed out a stupid grammar mistake they made on their profile. She starts asking me if that person is some girl's boyfriend and I said I don't know and on their profile it says they're single. Suddenly she switches from gossiping about those persons to telling me that I became a typical user of sites like that (when you tell that to someone here it's something bad, because it means you've become just like of those persons obsessed with that kind of sites and well, that wants to fit in the stupidest trends. - talk about polysemic -). Why? Because I have 43 pictures of me and my friends, some pics being older. I was like 'So what I have 40 pics?'. My friend said they're too many... it turned into this.
Me: If I want to have 40 pictures so be it.
Friend: What's their use? Someone realises how you look from 10 pics.
Me: What's the point in having 2 pics? I have so many so people see how I changed in time, ha. I have a lot of pics of me I didn't put online.
Friend: You didn't really change.
Me: sure. of course not.
Friend: do you really think people care?
Me: so what they don't care?
Friend: there's a study that says people look at others' profile for 10 minutes.
Me: enough time to look at all of my pics. and what's wrong if I want to keep all the pics?
Friend: they don't even load XD
Me: maybe for you
I'm just going to say that I get really mad when someone tells me something like that.
Then she suddenly starts talking about that person again. I ignored her and I asked her to explain to me what's wrong if I have 40 pics. Then everything turned into a discussion about why she's not okay if someone has more pics on their profile than she has and about how much she thinks I fit in stereotypes and just how "bad" I am. What annoys me the most is that she acts like she knows everythiiiiiiing about me so she's free to say whatever she wants about me, but I don't have the right to say she's not right, because that means I deny her right to an opinion. I asked her to stop judging me, because compared to what she could know about me, she knows very little. She said I judge other people as well and gave an example what I said the other day about some girls at my school that are huge posers. I told her I know a lot/very much about those girls and that those girls declared themselves "emo" and I didn't just make that up, so she can shut up.
And I told her what I think about her.
I told her that I noticed she copies a lot of people, though she kept denying it. I just told her a couple of things she copied and she tried to show it's not true, but she couldn't.
She said it's a lie and asked me to say something else about her. I told her if my opinion is a lie because she doesn't agree with it, then hers is a lie as well.
She got mad at me and offline.
Yes, I know I'm mean.

I know it's not right to act mean like that, but lately she's getting on my nerves so much. So so much. I just blew up like a volcano today out of something little because I couldn't stand her and her big mouth anymore -_-

And yes, I also know what I did is immature.
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if the truth be told only God has the right to judge.....

Dude, don't know her, or you for that matter, but she sounds like a bit of a ***** in that convassasion.... **** how'da spell, conversation, ohhh, forgot. <br />
<br />
I personally don't beleive that there's anything wrong with judging someone as long as you don't spred it or act upon it when talking to said person.

Heh actually I don't think so.<br />
I can picture myself reacting the same way with one of my friend; we tend to love/hate eachother.<br />
I actually wish I could be as honnest as you, it doesn't matter if what you think is the right thing, it's more important that you said it. You can't force people to "hear" what you're saying (I've experienced that way too many times), but when they do it's a good feeling to see you've helped someone be a better person.<br />
In my opinion, it's important you say what you think like you did, but it's also important you listen to what she says. Of course she exagerated, of course part of it's a lie, but try to dig a little bit more in what she told you, and you'll see you're not perfect too. It's hard to admit there might be smthg right in what she says, but remember, you're doing this for you, nor for her.<br />
Hope everything's fine now between both of you, or you realised she wasn't a true friend and just left her for what she is.<br />
I think she has the most to loose from your friendship because I agree with your reaction and opinion in this story. But heh, who am I to judge ^^