I'm So Damn Angry And Can't Do A Thing About It!

3 months ago I took my son to the ER - he was having a nosebleed that just wouldn't quit. We were there for all of 2 hours, seen immediately and a very personable nurse took care of him - calmed him down, held a cold pack to his head, and changed his tissues when they got saturated. The doctor saw him all of 7-10 minutes, and only that long because he had to come back to get his sweater that he left on the chair. We have health insurance - and the billing woman said we were 'covered'.

1 month later, I got a bill from the hospital for 'what insurance did not cover'. $400. A couple of weeks later, I received a bill from the doctor's group $54 for 'what insurance didn't cover'. Yesterday, I get another bill from the same doctor's group for $500 - because the insurance company doesn't have a contract with them as a 'provider'.

I called the insurance company. I told them I chose an ER that was on their list - the rep told me that the doctor wasn't on their list. I asked her : how was I supposed to know that I had to question which staff in the ER is on their list or not. To her creidt she was polite and tried to be helpful - but I'm still pissed.

I am gonna pay over $900 out of my pocket for 2 hours in the ER? What the heck was the total cost! And how does a doctor justify $500 for 7 minutes of non-procedure time?

How just is that? How fair is that, when I am a single Mom, working 3 jobs just to make ends meet? I can't afford better insurance - just this piece-of-crap coverage that doesn't even cover basic stuff? What if he had to have surgery? What if it was something really big?

Am I the only person who is angry as hell about this? Isn't there anybody to complain to who gives a damn? Isn't there a group anywhere that is a watchdog to these greedy medical providers who are unethical and dishonest and downright greedy?

Used to be lawyers were the scum of the earth - now they have been replaced by doctors!

I want to scream but there's nobody listening, and hell - nobody cares any way.
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this is crazy, im from Canada so when i read stuff like this it blows my mind.

People do listen, they just can't help

Fact: if an illegal alien in the same sitution showed up at the ER the hospital by law cannot turn them away regardless of their ability to pay so it's "gratis" for them.I personally know of a case where the hospital incurred non-reimbursible costs of over one million dollars from an illegal Honduran man in a semi-vegetative state and on a ventilator.The hospital also had to pay the $30,000 fee for the required air-ambulance to repatriate this guy back to Honduras.<br />
<br />
Fact: in the past ten years more than 25 U.S. hospitals along the border have been closed due to these laws and no reimbursement forcing americans living in the area to travel farther for their own care.And so it goes.

And we just sit and let it happen??? I am frustrated that I don't know enough about the system to fight it, or at least raise some hell!

Oh boy ! There is no place like a hospital to get a person p*ssed off, I so agree.<br />
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My girlfriend got admitted ( her diabetic levels were crazy) and a doctor gave her more insulin.....this was on top of what she had at home....it effectively put her in a coma. fortunately, she recovered, but he apparently sh*t himself when it happened (friends told me) . Not enough though, he sent her a whopping bill ! <br />
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I think Hell will be fully occupied with lawyers and doctors one day......that means the rest of us will be going upstairs.<br />
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Glad your son was ok in the end,<br />
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love and hugz<br />

call your insurance company and report your visit to them. they have people that investigate this stuff. they may not be able to do anything about it, but at least you reported the incident to them. insurance companies are always looking for a way to "save" a buck...

Thanks. I called my insurance company - they tried to negotiate with the doctor's billing company but they refused. I will call them back and try to speak with a supervisor.