... Or So I Have Been Told

Some have pointed out that my comments about the Mormon organization and its cult-like ways come across as originating from someone who is very angry. That may very be so. How could someone who has been made to lie and told to carry on those lies onto others not be angry when they finally discover the truth?

Yes the organization makes a point to present itself to the general public as being a benevolent one. Helping those in need and giving money to charity. It is when you look deeper that you start to see that things are not as they seem.

Families that are helped are part of the organization, those that are not are pressured into becoming part to get the "full package" deal.

People are helped to find jobs, so that they can be contributing members of society, this of course given that 10% of their salary goes to the organization.

BILLIONS of dollars are taken in on a monthly basis by this organization, and yet their donations are barely a fraction of a percent. These donations are carefully placed to insure the maximum visibility and impact to support the organization's claim of benevolence.

Without looking at the religious ideas of this cult, someone can already begin to see some of the possible issues, the conflicts and falsehoods used to draw in people so that they become drones of the organization.

When you begin to look into some of the actual beliefs: Men meant to become gods, women meant to serve and be one of many wives who's only true duty is to be a mother, Blacks still regarded as servants despite the official change of policy of the organization. These are countless more are just a hint as to the deceiving ways of this organization that cares not for saving souls, but rather cares more about spreading lies to enslave its members.

Having been a member of this organization ad finally found the strength to escape -- how could I not be angry on some level?

For the lies that I was forced to believe.

For the lies that I was forced to spread.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013