Yuck Case Workers

I am angry at my case worker. Lately, since I have recently been divorced and I have lost my job... I am now considered "indigent". Nice huh? Well, I am now accessing the community health system; my case worker and the surrounding office people treat all of the people in there that they serve like they are sacks of patatos. They are "short" and "gruff" with there language and antics... slamming the "privacy" window on people's faces...They treat me like I am stupid... like I can't pick up on how they feel towards me... hell, I have a master's in counseling (not to brag, but to only prove a point). Not only do they not know that, but I am probably the highest educated person in the facility... besides the M.D.

Everyone around me has determined that doug is simply sick and he has nothing to add, to contribute to society... any longer. I shut down my private business... (and lost a graveyard position, which I was doing at the same time... a sleep-over) any way, I shut it down because I was making too many cognitive errors... I was a home inspector and my memory and my cognitive abilities were deteriorating because of my medications or because of my disease or both... I'm not sure... my hunch is that it was the meds. I have now moved in with my mother and I am doing odd jobs for my sister who is a realtor in the same town (mcminnville, Oregon).

I have realized that I too have baught the story that I no longer have anything to contribute to society... I realized just yesterday that I have been operating under this "cloud" for quite some time now... which has been killing my soul... which has been killing my art, my muse. Which has been depressing me. I am begining to wiggle a little... to shed these layers of lies off my back, to slowly believe in myself again. I am very artitic, I am very sensitive, I am very spiritual, I am acutely aware of the beauty of heaven on earth, I am painfuly aware of how people suffer, I am an intuit, I am icredibly aware of the beauty of children, I am loyal, I am passionate, I am an excellent father, I am a lover of God, of the Universe. I can still do anything I want with my life...


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Thanks for the share Doug, I identify with your feelings so much. Today was an angry day for me. But I have to kinda just brainwash myself. "Successful people pick themselves up." "I'm not too old!" You'll get there, as will I, thank you.

it doesn't matter what it was that got u down as long as u knew u we're able to pick yourself back up because as long as u believe u can achieve

Okayyyyyyyyyy....what is your health issue.....and why do you need a case worker?<br />