I am angry at the people on this planet for programming their children since birth to believe in what they do, so that whenever they grow to an age in which they are mature enough to understand this world and think for themselves, it is inconceivable to question everything they had drilled into their heads for the entirety of their lives. think about it. I asked my friends the other day that if i came to them and said, there is a giant squid in the sky that protects us and has certain powers over the world, and decides what happens to you when you die, but you cant see it or hear it or physically sense it in any way, would they believe me? and you know what they told me? they said, "That's preposterous. Why would there be a squid in the sky?" Of all the ridiculous things i told them, they GOT CAUGHT UP ON THE SQUID PORTION!! But, i told them, if you had been told since Day 1 that there's a squid up there, yessiree, then that is absolutely what you would believe. And you would feel entirely uncomfortable if anyone challenged that. You might even feel angry at that person for even questioning it; you might feel repulsed by this person who doesn't believe whole-heartedly in the Squid, think of them as different and perhaps lacking morals, and have a desire to distance yourself from them. Because to them, there is no Squid or a book of rules (however many thousands of years old it might be) to guide them in life. Oh no, you can't just trust your conscience or your sense of right or wrong or anything. You HAVE to follow the Squid. You might even try to convince this person to also believe in the Squid, thinking maybe you can keep that person on the Squid's good side, and save them from Its wrath. You can't prove what happens when you die; nobody can, but most everybody around you seems to think that the Squid will save whatever's left of your existence. You tell the non-believer this, that the Squid loves you, unless you reject the ludicris notion, because then this all-loving, good Squid gets pissed off and sends your *** to a fiery prison ruled by a demon with a big fork and deformities sprouting from his ****** up skull. Thanks, Squid! i definitely want to believe in ya now. hugs and kisses!
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I love your metaphor. Religion is indeed one of the weirdest things when you analyse it. Too bad few people can observe it as so many of them are brainwashed and unable to look at it objectivly because they forged it into their brains with so much emotion. There will always be people who want to controll others. Religion is one of the most effective things to controll someone. Do what we say, and you will live forever. Ignore what we say, or disagree with it and you will burn for eternity.