You would think in our day and age, with technology and practice of medicine so high, that we'd be a little better, perhaps a little smarter than this.

I have a sister in a severe toothache. She's literally screaming, crying and roaring into her pillow this Sunday, and no DAMN dentist office is open. NONE, not even into the next city close to us. 

Emergency departments can't even do a thing becuase all they'll do is evaluate her, or give her perscription pills. She needs the tooth taken out! And even if we did take her in, that's $500 they want up front, even if nothing is done about her pain.

I just don't understand! There's not even a night service for dental visiting. This is dumb, dumb, DUMB! I'm angry and there's nobody around to help!
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2 Responses Aug 24, 2014

She probably needs a root canal. If she got some amoxicillin and pain killers it would help with the infection that's causing the pain. Not immediately but in a day or two.

she's had a wisdom tooth pulled Tuesday, and there was some infection going on before that. But I think when it was pulled out, it was also right next to something else that might have triggered pain. This is too many hours for her to be crying in pain like this.

What do you mean it was by something else? Is there still kinda of like a blood clot where the tooth was extracted? I ask because she could have a dry socket that causing the pain.