FUMING Mad Over More Layoffs

There were more layoffs at the job yesterday, number 3 in the past 12 months. Gratefully I am still here. But the whole thing just stinks. Again I watched friends I have known for years lose their jobs, and it doesn’t sit well in my stomach. As a matter of fact I am fuming mad.

                I understand that layoffs are fact of corporate life. During these tough economic times they are bit harder to take as there a few jobs out there. But what really puts a burr in my ***, is the way it is handled. I have never greater incompetence in people skills than I have witnessed here.

                Now, I come from a military background. During my nine years of service I learned that people were my number one asset. Treating people with integrity, honor, and respect, you will not only get the most out of them, but you will forge uncommon bonds of friendship.  Corporate Managers could learn a great deal from the military on handle to people. Employees are not simple cogs in the corporate machine to churn out greater profit for investors; but rather they are the spirit and lifeblood of a company.  Happy employees make great working conditions, and make the overall job easier, especially during times of high stress or office emergencies.

                Here in my office, morale is horribly low. The axe hangs over all of our heads, and no one knows where it will swing next. How do the “execute” the condemned here? There is no word, no leaks or pending cuts, quite simply at any given moment you are called into the office, told a few nice words, given a meager severance package of 2 months pay and escorted out the door.

And what of people who remain? There is no morale in the office. There is fear and trepidation. There is no trust in upper management or the corporate officers. And why should there be, when they could be next. That no matter how productive you are, no matter how good you may be, with swipe of a pen by some four eyed bean counter, they too could be let go.

                This is so wrong. What should be done, is sometime before they are going to happen, management should pull aside those they are cutting and let them know they are going are going to be laid off in a X amount of time. Treat them with the dignity they deserve.  This gives the individual time to get his affairs in order and begin to look for a new job. The person may elect to leave at that moment, but at the very least you have given them the opportunity to get a head start on their post-job future, instead of being punched in the gut on a moment’s notice. I am very surprised there have not been acts of violence (i.e. corporate *** beatings) yet.

                I pray that I will continue to remain untouched, but if the axe does fall my way. I will launch the biggest on-line campaign against the corporate officers I can muster. I will want to hurt them they way they have hurt hundreds of others. I want them to feel the pain. But how much pain do people who make 6 and 7 figures a year feel when they lose their jobs?

                Maybe a good *** beating is what they need most. And think this should be Nationwide practice

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Hey my last job was a government job and they made bullet proof vests for the military - I watched the exact same thing. It is very hard- emotionally. Ill pray you keep your job!