ME Too! I Hate Cheaters and Liars!

I wasted 3 years of my life with a coward.  I loved him with all my heart and all my soul.  I gave everything I could give for him.  I even sacrificed happiness and my daughter's happiness to support him and be there for him.  He is dead now.  He committed suicide.  I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep and I couldn't be alone.  I quit my job.  I was afraid to leave my house for anything except to pick-up my daughter.  For 4 months I was like this.  I found out yesterday that my suspicions were right.  My anger and confusion was justified.  I found out that he was cheating on me with this girl that he worked with.  At the time it was a new job for him.  So he kept me isolated from his family and from his work because he didn't want me to find out and didn't want them to tell me either.  He was a liar and a cheater and it just isn't right.  Liars and cheaters can all go to HELL!  I thought I was beginning to get better and get over it and move on.  I was doing great.  Now my feelings of contentment have thrust into anger.  I hate you Peter!  I hate you for what you did to me, what you put me and my daughter through, and I hate you for being a coward and not a man!
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Wow, I just read your other experience about him. :O

Amen sister... I know your pain.

My husband DAO is a cheat also only with his best male friend to please his wife and then they **********. These people care about know one but themselves. If a man can't satisfy his own wife then he should consider getting into a different relationship rather than destroy his best friends marriage......CR and DR of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia are a set of mental case rats and soul chompers. Lets just say people get HURT......DEFINITION OF THAT WORD FOR ME IS<br />
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Dr. Jeffery H. Richmond 600 Northern Blvd Great neck, NY 11021 is a lier aned a cheeter. When I came to him in on a Stretcher dieing, he told me, I was disturbed his dinner party. When I told him I didn't want to see him any more and like to find someone that could help me. He said I only need to preform a simple procedure to help you. He and his staff of lier told me that he preformed a major operations. when I confronted him, he just lied to my fase to pretect himself. To cheet me out of money. His occupation is just making money any way he can and if cheeting you will help him, well thats OK with him. Keep away from this crazy lieing person he belongs in jail and not working as a doctor.

All men cheat. Don't be naive ladies, but look at it this way...if he's not a cheater with benefits then tell him to kick rocks. Now if he taking care of home then let him do what he do...he's going to do it anyway. Men always looking for something better...what "better" is we will never know ladies because half of the time they cheat with tore down mud-ducks.. Men always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the pasture..but what they fail to realize is that if they water their own grass it would be just as green..if not greener...see ladies men were on of God's first creations...he made women after had had time to work out the technical difficulties...therefore he was able to make us stronger and wiser. Men cheat because there are some women who sell themselves short to be their ******...well ladies I'm going to fill you in on a little secret....sideline ***** isn't an doesn't look good on an application or resume sweetie...anyway...back to the cheating men..let them go to the it her side of the pasture and they'll come running back with a belly ache every time.. So don't worry ladies men are cheaters cause it's in their genetic makeup but for us smart ones we know this and use it to our advantage...stay wise & be safe ladies

Not all men cheat. And if "God" made women wiser and stronger, then why do men have the opportunity to cheat with women who sell themselves short? Doesn't sound so wise to me.

Well. That is a good point. Got to admit it.

Hit the nail on the head.


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ive been with the same guy since i was 16 now 21 i had grew up taking care of my little sisters going back and before between parents and getting the daylights beating out of us since the age two for anything we did wrong use to be afrid of spilling the milk and the dark till i was 16 my mom tried killing herseld when i was 16 and she was sadistic and sick always on drugs beating us in the middle of the night making us do crazy things always worried about life eventually we went in to foster care and got sepereated they were all i had my little sisters i met a boy and we grew madly inlove and did everything togethar we had are 1st child at 18 yes very young but i started school him work at a hospital and we were doing good he put me thru alot more then someone who knows what love is can with stand but im guessing not really knowing what love was my life excpt for the love i have for my child i realized love doesnt hurt like this for years i tried making it work i am now expecting his 2nd child 12 weeks when i was 8 weeks old i gotta a call from his coworkers husband telling me that hes been having in affair with his wife for 2 months meaning right after he cheated on me he touched me after without me knowing for 3 months and got me pregnant here i am making him chicken alfredo singing the abcs to my daughter when i got the daunting call only my nightmares can compare too my world crashed my heart sunk and my mind went blank why how could he do this to me i never did anything wrong but want a beautiful happy fulfilling life with this person how could he go so low i realized the love me and my daughter have never hurts theres never any doubts and always love i realized then i do know what love is and what he is giving me isnt i am crushed after all ive been thru i thought my family was my payoff i know my children are but when u dont expect something like this to happen to u the fall is harder u dont know who someone is they can smile and look u in the eye and act like nothing is going on this can be the person u sleep next to how devasting this can be to someone like me i wish it would all go away but it wont

I have been married for a little over a year and he had a drug addiction before I knew he was very self destructive. He would tell me storys of the things he would do and I would feel like gagging. He has grown up in a wealthy family with a better than you kindof mentality... I will tell you that does not fly with me. Lately, I have been working non stop in a huge bussiness doing accounts receivable and designing the artistic side for them as well. He told me he was looking for a job... He hasen't worked in a year. He has been telling his family lies to get financial help. We have a joint bank account and several cards. Wed. this week I asked him to run to Walgreens to get drinks for me to take to work tomorrow. one hour ? NO HUSBAND he tells me " I am just drivin because you are mad at me." A thought crossed my mind to check my bank balance online....It was overdrafted by a couple hundred, there was close to a thousand in there at my last check at work. MY HUSBAND CHEATED ON ME WITH CRACK/COCAINE left me and his family in confusion and he put drugs before me.He put us in a great deal of financial pain. I will honore my vowls... And he will not have excess to any of our finances. I put him in a treatment hospital and I do not want to see him right now. That is my story of cheating and I believe that when you put a woman, drug, alcohol any of that and hurt us you have cheated. Its selfish, selfseeking and you just might have broke your moral compass. To all of you ladies reading my story right now I hope that you know one more woman that is hurt but STRONG!!!!!!!

I truly understand the anger behind cheating. If it's one thing I hate it's a lying *** cheater. If you don't want to be with a person rather than cheat be woman enough or man enough to say so and let them go, don't waste your time or anyone else time plaing games. If you want to sleep with everybody stay single and play your own self.

I currently work in a school here in sterling and found out tonight a guy that I thought was single that was clearly flirting with me and even had me rub his back is married. I am still angry about it and I still have to work with the dummy. I hope he get fired and if the person that is married to him is on here then I hope lady you get a clue.

I know I live with a cheater liar too I have for 13 years. He keeps in contact with his ex wife emails women online chats with them too. If I had money now I would leave him hate the ground he walks on. He smokes.pot and drinks and lies about it. He is 75 lbs over weight he doesn't care he lives in a fantasy world. Sick of the whole thing

After that rant, I guess we know why he wasn't just happy to leave your sorry ***. After reading your venomous post, I think I might consider suicide. <br />
<br />
I won't though... I want to keep living. I have a beautiful, sweet wife, that treats me with respect, and she gets mine in return.<br />
<br />
If you ever want to chat...I mean really just chat about the real issues you were / are having, I wouldn't mind being a sounding board. However, no one likes a pity-party drama-queen that only knows how to spew hate, and nothing more.

i'm so sorry about what you had to go through, and for what you're going through again right now :( i totally abhor LIARS and CHEATERS, too...with a passion! please just remember that time always heals. i've been through quite lot in my life, too, and i know for a fact that time does heal...slowly but surely. be strong for your daughter. be sure to take good care of yourself for her sake. all is not actually have everything to gain, if you know how to play your cards right. you have your life, you have your daughter...make those two things work to your advantage. good luck, best wishes, have faith and pray :) i hope to hear that you're doing well, soon :) your ep friends are here, if you need an ear :)

oh my i truelly understand. I dislike cheaters and liars with a passion. They are worthless pieces of s.


I was a week due and my husband would chat online talk and flirt with girls. I always knew that for a year. I got angry with him when he did that infront of me. Chatting away with strangers and saying to them he looking for his soulmate right beside me. Makes me wonder is this caused me . we would go on but I would always check and make sure. Sure enough he was doing hat where other people I knew would see. That's sick. I creamed for that. It's been year and he doesn't go on anylonger to chat. I am still with for 8 years now. <br />
It's complicated for me but it still hurts.

My heart goes out to you. It's sad that he died but he is still a jerk for cheating on you. You have every right to be angry and I hope that your anger helps you get over him and move on with your life.