I Am Angry

I am more angry with myself than anything because 2 years ago I tried to commit suicide by jumping off a 3 story balcony. I never knew there was a chance I could live. I never knew anything about a whole new alternative. Now I am a parapalegic for the rest of my life.

Adrianna2010 Adrianna2010
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Adrianna, first let me say I am sorry for your pain and the fact that you are angry. There are so many teen suicides these days. My husband and I have friends who have lost two of their children, both suicide, yet different families. One 19 yr. old shot himself and the other 17 yr. old hung himself. These happened within months of each other and were in no way related. As I'm sure you well know, this doesn't just affect the person who is now gone, or like you now in a wheelchair. It affects the whole family. Have you thought about doing something positive. I know it's easy for people to tell you things you should or shouldn't do, while they aren't where you are and do not feel what you feel. But have you thought about becoming a speaker? Go to schools and share your story, go to group homes where kids live because they either had a bad home life, or they may have been where you were. Have you thought that you may be able to save others who are where you were. Ok so it was all a bad thing and your angry at yourself, but there is a reason why you are here. I am sure you have heard everything I am say ing before. Turn this around and start helping others who are wanting to do the same thing. There is nothing better than talking to someone who has been there, done that. You know what I mean?