The Only Way Life Makes Sense

Before coming to Wicca about six years ago, I had never heard of animism.  I was surprised to learn that animistic belief dates back to the Paleolithic Age.  For me, the belief that every single thing in the world, whether alive or inanimate is what makes the world make sense.  I think that everything contains a spirit, be a stone or a tree, an animal, or my rusty old pick up truck (who just happens to be named Thor).  My father thinks I'm completely "out there" because of this belief, but it's the only way the world makes sense to me.

Being an animist makes me tread a little lighter upon the Earth and has helped me be a more compassionate person.  I think if more people where animistic or even just took a few moments to consider the possibility, the world would be in a much healthier and happier state.

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Yeah I think I'm one too and I wasn't even sure what the word meant til now...<br />
Basically most people have an issue with it because they have a rigid definition of what life is....<br />
I.e one ba<x>sed on weather or not they can smell it's crap or watch it squirm....etc<br />
Also it goes with-out saying that some "inner work" is necessary before your surface thoughts can be calmed to the point that subtle impressions and communications from other spheres can be detected.<br />
<br />
And until the world realizes that such communications (with a stone or what ever) is actually possible (by way of them meditating consistently etc) then its logical for them to deny things beyond their perceptions.

So a person should try to keep their foot print (carbon or otherwise) as small as possible? Did I get that right?

You're 'just' following your instincts and they are good. Consciousness/spirit is the vibrational dna of this entire Universe - the energy of existence. I wrote a book which clearly and digestibly lays out the logical rationale for the animist case, using the Sun as the starting point. Everybody once recognized a living Sun - today it's the biggest elephant in the room. Check it out at

Humans have a great capacity to see souls in things. Despite whether or not they have them, the result is compassion, and it's beautiful.

I'm going to do some research on this. Thanks :)

i didn't know what animists are before I read your story. But it sounds good :)