So my mother decides to cook chicken that I didn’t even want cooked to begin with. All I wanted was a sandwich. She decides to cook a big batch of chicken. So the chicken ends up tasting REALLY bad. Mother then accuses me of wasting food when I NEVER EVEN asked for ANY CHICKEN in the first place. So meanwhile, I am getting ready to clear the table when I remembered to eat the rest of my chicken, or my mother won’t give me any ‘goodies’. She then grabs my plate with the chicken leftover containers in it and throws it in the trash- when I say, ‘MOM YOU JUST THREW AWAY THE CHICKEN!’. She then gets FURIOUS and decides that she won’t give me goodies for ‘I don’t know how many months’. BUT IT WAS SHE WHO THREW THE CHICKEN AWAY!!! NOT ME!!! I was going to eat it!

She is ‘punishing me’

1. Not because I do drugs (I don’t, and the drug test proves it).
2. Not because I get bad grades (I get amazing grades).
3. Not because I get horrible scores on the SAT (I am extremely above average).
4. Or for any other SUBSTANTIAL REASON…

Other than I ‘don’t like her food and I am wasting it’- WHEN IT WAS HER IDEA TO BUY THE CHICKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Who is with me???
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blame the chicken , " ohhh this chicken tastes soo bad , maybe he did drugs all his life . next time we get a sober one "

I feel for you. Parents can be like that. Not pleasant.

she really should take your opinions in to consideration.

I completely understand where your coming from, some people seem to just refuse to hear you, and then when you tell them later that you told them that already they act like they have never heard a word about the subject ever,so it makes me feel like I talk for no reason or it makes me feel like that person has no respect for what you have to say which really upsets me cause I make a conscience effort everyday of my life to be a good listener and to remember what people tell me so that I can be a better wife/friend/sister/daughter/mother. Some people just seem to not have a good memory at all or no memory at all it really makes me wonder what is up with these kind of people.