Worse Day

today was one of the worse days in a long time. it makes me realize that i'm friends with just BS people who really don't care about me but mostly about what i can give them. these two friends of mine just came into the library where i was sitting and started to yell at me out of the blue. i don't really know the imediate reason for this. one of the girls i had lost in touch because she was getting very very strange. not strange in the nice way, strange in the, "get the hell away from me". i guess she wanted some revenge because she found out i didn't want to be friends anymore but just mearly aquantances. she told one of my very good friend so much bs...

the worst is that my friend believed it! i now realize that she is one inmature girl.

one example:

i couldn't go to her birthday party because i was sick with the flue. she then acuses me of not coming because i didn't want to see one of the girls that were going.

......... YES PEOPLE - wemon are some damn strange things at times. oh no not all girls just the ones that are so freaking inmature. the ones that men base there judgemental stereotypical thoughts on. yep those ones. 

thank goodness i have EP to freak out and end up destroying my finger's muscles since i'm typing excessively fast. 
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Just when you thought you were done with high school garbage huh? The fact that your "friend" didn't even bother trying to talk to you about what happened makes them not a very strong friend. It's really hard but engaging them will only fan the fires; removing yourself from the equation and realizing how being with them is dragging you down in many ways can lead to personal betterment and maybe even looking for other qualities in a friend.
Good luck :)

thank you! yes i must agree even this kind of drama continues on after high school! thank you for your advise it helps :)