Spelling Nazi Vs. Facebook

I can let SOME grammatical errors go, but spelling is one thing i just can't let go of. Facebook is now the place i go to if i want blood to boil. A misplaced letter in a word is a bit more forgivable, but not taking the time to tell the difference between "their/they're/there" and "your/you're" is complete laziness and horrid! I've been restraining myself everyday to keep from correcting everyone's spelling or screaming bloody murder about the differences in words based on context.

Maybe i just need to quit reading everyone's posts.
Shokliva Shokliva
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I'm a total grammar Nazi, too, but even having said that, I didn't finally get "its" and "it's" straightened out until just last year. And now I gotta be a **** about it whenever I see the wrong one being used. Also, don't forget mobile phone apps can tend to screw up even the most eloquent words from time to time.