Its True.

I was reading a book that some retard had Proofread APPARENTLY. AN ANNE MCCAFFERY BOOK. COME ON! shes famous! wtf man?!
and one of the sentences read "By the long hike up the rocky terrain even the Denizens were slowing Up." Slowing UP? what the **** is Slowing UP? if a stupid person read this book theyd be like "WHAT IS GOING ON?! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! HOW DO YOU SLOW UP?! goddammit! DHNJSKHDJK *rips book in half* *brain explodes*"
That is totally what would happen.
Also, it makes it confusing to read.
Also it should have read "By the end of the long hike up the Rocky Terrain, even the Denizens were Slowing DOWN."
O__o dear jesus. i cant even finish that book. I went through 100 pages fixing all the errors before i gave up.
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SweetlyCynical is right it is an older ex<x>pression also indicative of regional or dilect speech <br />
<br />
they aren't using bad grammar you are woefully ignorant

but words were stilll missing? :/

Slowing up is the same as slowing down, but it is an older ex<x>pression.