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Thereis a girl in my class at school who is probably the worst speller I've ever met. I am the top in my class, so naturally people ask me for help. Uggh. This girl asks repeatedly. She is asking how to spell the same word over and over again. I finally break sometimes and tell her to just use spellcheck because I cannot take her anymore. Other times I just want to throw a spelling dictionary at her, and tell her to figure it out. Most of the time I will spell the word once. Then it's up to her. This is the reason I hate bad spelling.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

maybe she's challenged visually or auditorially. or maybe she needs tricks to help her remember how to spell words. Like the I before E rule. My friend and I in 7th grade decided we would see how many words we could find that were the EXCEPTION to the rule, and I remembered how to spell the words alot better. So maybe ask her why she's not getting it and see if you can help her another way :)