im sorrie bt it is nt ok 2 speel lyk dis all d time. it makes u look uneducamomblated n it puts me off replying in conversations. lyk, if ur jus tweaking ur grammer a lil to add a joking tone to ur messag, den its ok, but if u speel lyk dis all d time, den it rly dosent make u look gud.

Literally translates to:

I'm sorry, but it is not OK to spell like that all the time. It makes you look uneducated and it puts me off replying in conversations. Like, if you're just tweaking your grammar a little bit to add a joking tone to your message, then it's OK. [I do that a lot.] But if you spell like that all the time, then it really doesn't make you look good.
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I kno rite, i h8 it wen ppl speel lyk dis. Its so annyzing!

I always get annoyed at people who Write Like This All The Time. Like Why Do You Need To Capitalize Every Word? Personally It Is Much Harder And Time Consuming to Have To Use Shift So Much.

Ikr? It's like: Is This Whole Thing A Title Or What?

:o *Doesn't know what strange language that i'z on tha bottom'z!??*

It's Enggerish. U no speakee Enggerish??

:O I SPEAK WHALE!! O; Ouuiieehhhwwwuuhhh!!!

o.O I see.


I hate spelling like that. Annoys the heck outta me >O

Texting has it's issues, some kids never learn to spell because of it.

eye dunt git wut yur tawkin bout. Dat lst prt dnt mk cents!


Lol,,, nice one

It's really a petty complaint, when you think about it. We can understand them; I say we should accept them.

Well, this is directed at the people that have such bad spelling and grammar that I can't understand.

damn right!! I'm cool with typos, I make then too. But that sorta language takes someone a whole 5 minutes to read!!

im sory zuzu i willl do beter


hehehe :P

uneducamomblated :P


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O can only agree with you even more

I meant I... I hate my auto correct

It's OK. xD The occasional typo/autocorrect fail isn't the same thing as the first paragraph. :P

Alright I'm just a freak like that... there was a girl I massaged a few weeks ago and she wrote everything down like the first paragraph to the point of not even understanding what she was saying

God dammit!!!!

I know but auto correct is stupid

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Go gurl!

girl* :P Kidding, you did that to add tone, which I don't mind. :D <3

Haha, as you say this, all the errors that I have made while messaging you come to mind. D:

wll, its nt liek u speel lyk dis all teh time, so its ok. If it's just the occasional typo, it's fine. It happens to everyone.

You typed all that out..
You need a hobby

You missed a full-stop.

And a question mark!