Most Days I'm Nice

And then there's every other day.

Like today.

Is it too much to ask that I can just wake up, go to work, do a mediocre job, go home, and sleep?

I would really like just one day where I didn't have to smile and put up with people's bullshit.

I don't care about my coworkers children. I don't care if they have soccer tonight. I don't care how well they're doing in school. And I really don't care to hear any stories of their birth. Don't even get me started on stories about their spouses, fiance/es, boyfriend/girlfriends, or life partners. If I don't like the person I've sat next to for six months, what would make them think I want to know about who they're *******?

And why does everyone insist on having micro dramas every single day?

I don't want to be impolite, but on days like this it's far easier than being friendly.

kikis2 kikis2
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2012

I sympathize with you. But imagine all of this bullshit everyday, just in high school, where almost everyone is a selfish little bastard boasting and lying about their ****** unactive lives but more direct and more hurtful. <br />
<br />
<br />
We're both in the same hell.