Annoyed By Yourself...

"What you see in others is often what is true about yourself."....You must be so miserable, I am grateful I am not one of you!
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3 Responses Sep 2, 2012

When you see yourself through another's eyes, you are comparing yourself to another. Which is a sure way to bring down your self-esteem. Never do that to yourself.

You got me wrong,I mean is anyone seeing you and coming to conclusion is that they are only seeing them in you, not you as you are.They can only see them whatever it maybe.When you become an empty mirror you only reflect their reality.In your reality you are as you are in your well being nothing disturbs that.

You can only see yourself in others.Just become an empty mirror and all will be fine.

lol, This is funny....I have never heard this before, but it rings true. I know whenever I have worked with very lazy people they love to sit around and talk about how lazy OTHER people are, and whenever I have been exposed to liars, they LOVE to find out someone else is a liar and talk badly about the person. Very funny!