I'm Annoyed By Almost Everything.

Ever since i was young, things annoyed me more than everyone else. Maybe it is OCD. I'm not sure. It started out as just my family. I couldn't stand to hear them chew, see them scratch an itch, hear them sniffle their noses.. etc. There were countless things. They annoyed me so bad to the point i would have to scream for them to stop (this was back in 3rd grade, when i was very young) Now i am in high school and I don't scream anymore (of course) but things annoy me just as much. And now its not just my family. Its everyone. Little tiny things such as seeing somone play with their hair, hearing someone chew gum, everything. Its so bad that i cant pay attention in class because i'm distracted by people doing these things and i have to concentrate to ignore it. (i can't ignore it. I just try to not ask them to stop doing it) i have no idea what to do.

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I've gotten really bad too as I've gotten older. There's not much that people do that doesn't annoy the f*** out of me. I live in Britain and people here drink like I've never witnessed anyone else in the world do. They'll take little ***** sips of their soda or whatever the hell they're sipping, repeatedly bringing the bottle or can to their mouth about twenty times before finally putting the f***ing thing down again. I can't look at it. I always think, "Take one or two hardy gulps and be done with it!" I will never understand why everyone here drinks like this. It's not the only thing that annoys me, but it's right up there with loads of other things. It's no wonder that I've always got my iPod playing on my headphones and my face buried in a Sudoku book whenever I'm out and about. I just can't tolerate looking at or hearing most people.

I am the same way! The LITTLEST things annoy me soo badly! I'm in high school and I cannnoottt concentrate when I'm taking a test and someones sniffling or if someones tapping their foot. I keep saying in my head "just ignore it! Just ignore it! Concentrate!" but I just canttttt! Also, i hate when I unintentionally copy people's actions. For example, if someone is crossing their arms and I cross my arms, I HAVE to put my arms to my sides because it just annoys me to think that they may think I'm trying to copy them. There are MANYY other things that people do to annoy me. Just can't really think of any now :/

As I sit here alone with NOTHING on (soundwise) I still feel the need to wear the highest decible blocking earplugs. I have become so sensitive to sound and people's quirks that I can't even go out without secretly noting every little thing people do to **** me off, then my boyfriend and I compare notes. Then after a while I annoy myself and don't want to talk anymore and I kick my boyfriend out because I can't stand his voice. ( he doesn't mind, he gets to go play with his friends) but I am turning into such an introvert. I have also quit drinking ( for fun) so maybe thats why I am so hyper aware of everything..... I don't know....any thoughts?

I can honestly relate to you. Everything bugs me well mainly sounds. I would be laying in bed and I would hear music coming from downstairs. And it's not even load but it just makes me feel so annoyed and I get so irritated that I use to just go and make who ever has it on shut it off. I thought it was anxiety at first but I don't know

Hmm...well...i was ok with my dad eating until my husband and sister pointed out how loud he ate...plus how brown his teeth are. Now...i cannot stand it!! i can only eat around him if large group and i try hard not to be seated near him! <br />
BUT...to be so annoyed and than stay focused and cannot stop focusing on some one else's actions I bet there is a mental thing going on here. OCD, i do not know but i would definately go to your doctor or evan better a counselor and get some help. It would be horrible to have to spend the rest of your life focusing on everyone else and never yourself! I am sorry that you have had to suffer this way at such a young age.

Oh! I suffer w/OCD 2.

I can relate. Everything about ppl annoy the HELL out of me. I am 2 the point that I cannot stomach them (human beings). I am thinking about getting me a dog or cat [SMILE].

yeah, might want to consider seeing a specialist maybe.