'you Let Us Down"yeah,all My Fault!'

That's the kind of conversation that happens everyday in our home,people around me always say they need home to protect them from rain so they feel that home is warm and sweet.
But I am the exception.
Both my parents want me to go to the best university,oh,god,I tried so hard and sometimes I wonder why I was here,why I was born,why I had to spend my spare time preparing for an exam,I've been waiting for more than 4 years to go to the university.
My parents even move their house to help me  go to a better high-school.
They say it all the time,you should pay us back.
So,4 years,I've never been to a park or my friends' house or club,I seldom went to mall.
I finally started to wear my glasses,which broke my heart,because people always say you've got the brightest eyes.
And last year,I got a chance to go to the 68 top universities in my country,but I will have to major in language if I choose one of them,
And I have a fight with my family.
You see,I love studying language,I study English as a second language and I'm really keen on it,
But they just think studying language means not earning too much.
They just won't let me,I was tired of argument and cry and fight and all that stuff,
So I gave up.
And I almost broke the relation between me and my parents.
They won't trust me anymore.
I know I used bad language,but they should say **** ande beat me.
They say I broke their hearts,who cares?
Yeah,all my fault,all my.
Parents are always right.
You can decide my life.
monalan monalan
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

dont give up...decide your own life, try and try again if its what u love do it! if u give up youll regret it. do what u want. even if its not your best intentions, its yours thats all that matters