Complaining About My Neighbour- Am I Right To Do So?

Here is the origional letter. I haven't posted it yet.

Dear, Council

Recently we built an extension where our shed stood, between ours and our neighbour’s house. The extension is currently incomplete due to our neighbour’s refusal over finishing the work on their side of the house. Our neighbours are not happy about this building and in the light of this issue I am writing to inform you about the misbehaviour of our next door neighbour’s troublesome children. Their 8 year old keeps picking fights with my brother and no adult is there to stop her.

For a long time we have tried to ignore her but she is now beginning to resort to racist name calling. This eventually breaks out into a loud verbal fight, disrupting the neighbours around. Every time we're entering or leaving our house she comes to our side of the fence and remains put, looking for a fight or something to comment on. I've tried to tell her not to stand near our house and to stop picking fights with my brother, his friends and others in the neighbourhood but nothing seems to work. Their four to five year old plays football in the front garden and kicks the ball into the net, damaging the fence next to the net. As the resident’s of the house are tenants, it is a council property that is being damaged. Although the children are not allowed to play outside in the front, they are seemed to be let loose in the front garden.

The grown up of the house completely avoid being confronted by myself or my mother. They seem to hold a grudge against us over our newly built extension between the houses. This building is completly legimate as it has passed all the building regulation criterias.

I feel this is why they let their children do whatever they like.

On July 24 either their eight year old or four-five year old threw an object at our kitchen window. This has already happened once before. When asked to call an adult in the house they replied “no one is in the house”. Parents were inside the house and can very well hear what went on outside but refuse to confront the situation like responsible adults. They wished to remain inside the house and avoided the scene completely. A long time after we gave up and went back into our house, their children were still outside and no adult stepped outside to call the children back into the house.

While parents refused to sort their children’s behaviour, their children continue to misbehave as usual. As we have done nothing wrong, I don’t understand why we are given hard time. I hope you will do something about this issue.

I have asked the neighbours who are also being affected by this to sign this letter.  

Anon104 Anon104
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

I'm really so sorry to hear about your experience; however, with that being said, councils aren't the way to go. I wrote my story in this group after three weeks of complaining to the council about a local property. Despite the severity of the situations, councils don't do anything.

I hope you have a more professional local authority than I do, and get your issues resolved; if you don't, then I suggest that you talk to a lawyer or solicitor.