Why Me?

This past week was packed.  I am a reserach assistant.  This means I do a great deal of reading reserach articles on top of other class work that I have.  Friday, I woke up at 3AM to get ready for my meeting as well as a test that day.  Saturday, I woke up at 5AM to get other things done that I needed to do for this week.  I thought to myself, "My, my, this will be perfect.  My fiance won't be up for another 5 hours.  My neighbors won't be up at this hour either.  I can actually get all I need to do finished before I am bothered by anyone.  No one will be calling me or texting me.  I won't need to bother with emails or any online obligations for another few hours either.  Yes, this will be perfect."  Seriously, I was so wrong.  I was awakened when sitting in my office.  Ironically, I was writing a Christian devotional that I send out every Saturday morning.  While trying to get the copntent of my message into HTML format, I was disturbed -- greatly distrubed -- by my lovely neighbor upstairs  ... and her boyfriend at 530AM

I had no idea that someone could be THAT loud having sex.  Really, I had no clue.  I also couldn't stop laughing at the same time.  At one point, she sounded like a demented chihuahua whimpering.  It was just hilarious really.  It went on for an hour, and I thought, "Good, they are now going to sleep."  I was wrong.  Again at 8AM, they were at it again.  Ah, wait, also at 1000AM or so.  Around noon was the 4th time.  And, another at 3PM.

I saw her later that day, and I had to use great self control.  I came very close to clapping and saying, "Well done!  Good to see you up and walking after all that!"

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

you got yourself a surprise there. very funny, thank you.

Well U do seem 2 posess great selfcontrol , eather that or U R just guttless . I would not have been abel 2 hold bace my offten sharp tougue !!