My Neighbors Are Idiots!!

When my husband and I first bought our house a year ago, there was a man living in the house next door. I mean, we live in a nice neighborhood, have nice neighbors, and cute houses. EXCEPT for this one. He is dirty, grungy, rude, and ignorant. He used to come over here all the time. But only when my husband was working and I was here by myself. He was so weird. My husband even asked him to not come over here while he wasn't here. But he did anyway. He was so creepy.

Then one night we had this bad storm and a big limb off of a tree that is in our yard fell in his backyard. Oh hell. He was over here at 9:00am the next morning ringing the doorbell. (My husband works 2nd shift.) He came over here 3 times before we ever went to the door. He even left a damn note on the door! So finally when my husband talked to him, he started raising hell. Like it was our fault that the limb fell. He said is broke his fence and all this crazy ****. It didn't we went and looked while he wasn't home.

Well, my husband told the idiot neighbor he'd get the tree up when he got a chance. He works 7 days and didn't know when he'd be off. Well, the idiot kept coming over here EVERY day asking when we were going to get the tree up. And we just kept telling him that we'd get it when we got a chance. Well, after a few days he started waiting until after my husband had gone to work to come over here and fuss. I hated this man.

Then he started saying he was going to hire somebody to come cut the tree up, and send us the bill. I said no way. I just kept telling him there was no way in hell we were going to pay for that.

Well, the next day or so we went to get something to eat and when we got back the idiot neighbor was outside talking to a cop. Great. That ******* had called the cops on us! I was so ******* mad! The cop told us that it wasn't a big deal, but just to get it up when we got a chance. Everybody knows this man is an idiot. Other neighbors used to call the cops on him almost every night. The cop also told us that his ex wife was taking the house and he had to be out in a week....

Well, the next week he's gone and her and her 15834767 kids are moving in! This is a 2 bedroom house and there are ATLEAST 7 people living in this house. Including the ex-wifes TWO boyfriends! I'm not even joking.

Well, at first we thought it couldn't get any worse than the first idiot. We were wrong. These kids obviously take after their daddy. I was in the kitchen one evening and looked out the window and one of them was up in the tree in our front yard! I mean, this tree isn't next to the road, or anywhere near their property line. It's right smack in the middle of our yard! And the little idiot was up in it! They saw me, so by the time I got to the front door they were gone.

We have trees between our house and their's and these ******* moronic kids were cutting them down! They are on OUR property. My husband went and told them to stop cutting our trees down, but he's also had to tell them 2 other times since then. They are idiots. They leave toys and trash in our yard. They come in our yard all the time. We were sitting on the front steps last week and one of them just walked up in front of our cars and stood there for a minute. I just wanted to choke her!

I'm going to end up choking one of these idiots!!!

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2 Responses Nov 20, 2007

You are wrong to leave your tree all this time, and they are wrong to cut your trees. Remove all sources of friction and connections.

WOW! Sounds like your due a huge privacy fence. Bless your heart I feel your pain!