Negative People Make Me Think Negative Thoughts.. It's Contagious!

Negative people make me think negative thoughts.. It's contagious! People who are talking negative so much are like dramakings or dramaqueen.. Then I tell them "Hey, let's only talk about a problem when the problem is THERE, ok???" geez!!!!
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Maybe for you, but sometimes, it just gives me moree doubts.

What makes the bright side awesome? It's that it gives you strength ;-)

we try to look on the bright side... what makes the brite side so awesum?

LOL it's when people keep on nagging and complaining on and on and on and on, that's when it gets reaaally annoying LOL<br />
We're all humans, nagging is a part of being human LOL, we 'have to' nag, complain.. It is our own way to 'release' how we feel about it, by expressing our thoughts about it;... but geez.... take a look on the bright side once in a while too (for those who keep on and on.... ;-) ) LOL .... ahhh, it's alright. Life is meant to be full of trials anyway! But they excist to learn from, to grow. ;-)

Okaii.! Still most of usz have a reason.! Yhea we lukk on tha bright side sumtymesz but maybe tht isznt enough... seriously.! Thisz ******* frum a twelve year old... what dusz thisz tell uu? tht im too negative? no tht maybe i hve a reason! We all hve our reasons.! Srry but it juszt gettsz mii annoyed how ppl tell me to look on the bright side all the time....

Uhhhh... I didn't say 'everyone' is negative :/ but its the people who are negative (all the time) that makes me feel really agravated. I can be negative too sometimes, but its always important to see the good things in everything, bless the mysery, bless mistakes, etc..

first of all, not all of usz are 'drama queensz/kingsz' juszt cosz we dnt enjoy lyfe as much duszn't mean evryone hasz to go around calling usz tht.... srry im contagious... get ovr it

Really ... !!

Good point!