A Charmer

this jerk so he called himself a friend and im married , well when my son was sicke ispent alot of time with him iloved him too pieces my heart was broken iwould never hear the words i love you or iam falling in love with you , hear after three years of doing everything for him i didnt really knew what he thought he didnt say , i spent over 9,000 dollars on him and he told me in so many words he didnt give af about me he used me took advantage of me wasnt himself he had a nice ride , it turned very uncompfortable for both of us and we were at each others throats , he then went a brought alab top , and opened afb i messed with it he went to work to get me fired , and succeeded i got my job back just at another store after 4months of being put out of work , he writes me amonth later wants to know if we could make a compromise , so we came up with agrrement and i told him what was bothering me so he said after awhile he would keep in touch this guy sounds like areal jerk
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Why did you spend nine grand on him? This seems weird. Not even a single "I love you?" . Well... at least he didn't lie (I guess) sounds like a real dueschbag...

yes he sounds like a jerk stay away...

he is the biggest thanks