It's Really Frustrating!

Did you ever meet someone you really like? I mean "that way". And she seems to like you too. Things seem pretty good.

And then, it seems like for no reason, they're all negative? Can't seem to believe something nice is happening? Are just convinced that something bad will happen or that you can't possibly be sincere? Seem to act like if you only knew them better then of course you wouldn't like them? AARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

It can be so frustrating! It's like "I'm rejecting your feelings. You can't be trusted. But don't go away."


Lampwick Lampwick
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26 Responses Mar 17, 2009

She can roll me any way she wants. That girl, whew! She's somebody special. I can't believe I even got a chance with her. So I'll hold on like grim death.

thats a lot of rolling ,hon. lol

I'll roll with her any way she'll have me.

in a perfect world, none of us would have to be on guard. i don't think you really have to be in this situation as long as u realize that she will have good days and bad days and it will show in her behavior. if u do indeed care about someone, you'll learn to roll with it.

I know. And I really do understand. And I try to understand that part of her nature is to be almost two people at times. The passionate, happy one, and the insecure one. She just caught me off guard and it hurt. But should I even have to be "on guard"?

i imagine that would have hurt you but maybe she did that because of past experiences. when others appeared to be sincere adn weren't in the end, it would make a person doubtful.

She has never annoyed me really. I was just hurt when I felt she dismissed my expressing my feelings. She doesn't have to feel for me, although I hope she does. But it hurt when she questioned the sincerity of what I said to her.

you have to use your best judgement. are u still as annoyed by this person as you were when u wrote the story?

I wonder. Would she be upset if I told her? Should I play it safe? Or tell her everything?

lol. tell us how you really feel.

She could melt me with a look, and make me fall in love with just a smile. She is very, very special to me.<br />
<br />
Sorry to all you others out there. You'll just have to settle for 2nd best!

she has your heart just from a smile?

Well, there's a very pretty girl who smiled at me recently. I don't want to disappoint the dozens and dozens of others, but she has my heart.

lol. i have no idea, krypton.

I think he should choose a tiger with a very fluffy female name. hmmmm, who could it be?

why choose just one? be greedy lol. who do you think you should choose?

Well then. I've got my pick I guess. Who should I choose?

i heard there were many! and who wouldn't be? the dashing viscount of vulva has many admirers. lol

Well, there's one I hope is crazy about me!

and what do you think makes us crazy most of the time? MEN!

Oh no. Women are crazy. For real.

either is going to give you trouble? same thing for testicles or tires lol. two way street, you know?

I could go for that.<br />
<br />
Aw hell. **** or tires, you know what they say.......

lol. could be. a special nut, maybe?

I hope you're right. I sure think she's someone special.<br />
<br />
<br />
Then again, maybe she's just nuts!

i know it's frustrating but, in time, they might just come around. sometimes people experience so much negative that they have a hard time believing in the positive. especially where relationships are concerned.