I Hate Drama Queens

I know what they say about people who say they hate drama................ that they are usually the ones who create it ...........but that is NOT the case for me. I do not like being caught in the middle of things and I am a very secretive person. I don't spread my business around and if I know something about someone I don't tell it. But I have a coworker who is a drama filled nut job. She makes everything a huge deal. She loves keeping things stirred up and if she has been out a day or two she comes back in full force just bursting to start drama. She cries all the time........... if you look at her the wrong way shes crying to everyone about it. Every problem she has is worse than any problem you have ever had. She takes everything the wrong way just so she can create a stink about it. She is your best friend to your face and then she talks about you like a dog the minute your back is turned. She's never been a friend to any of us here at work and yet she has tons of facebook friends that post how much they love her and how sweet she is, blah blah blah. I don't get it. She is very transparent so I cant understand how they dont see through her. Anyone ever had this type of coworker??
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2011

Facebook is weird. You'll find people on their who get all kinds of attention, but you have to wonder how many of their Facebook friends really know them well in real life, because you don't know how anyone could stand them if they knew them well.

And, yes, I've worked with people like this before. They're blind to what's going on around them, maybe because they're internally in a state of desperation. So they're only able to focus on themselves, not others.

Well, luckily out of 4 coworkers I have 2 that are nice and genuine and keep to themselves. They feel the same as I do about the drama. The drama queen lady never comes to work (as a matter of fact she came in this morning at 8:30 and just left saying she is sick!!) and her customers end up asking for another rep to talk to because she is never here for them. Then she comes back to work angry at us because her customers do not want her anymore. And whats worse is she is a real "but kisser" with the boss and the boss supports her in every way and makes excuses for her behavior. It's a real nightmare. I just wish she would quit. Is that awful of me?

not too worry......they're pretty much in every classroom & work place...we have all suffered ;-)