Why Does God Allow Evil?

I think this might be one of the biggest reasons people cite for not believing in God, or more importantly, for people who once believed in a God to decide they don't believe anymore. At the very least, its one of the most frequent questions he gets asked... so for today and today only, I will give you the answer for free. #1... please refer to everything you have heard, read, thought or know about FREE WILL.

Now, taking that whole free will thing into consideration, understand that all things are relative. Happy is only happy in comparison to sadness. In Happy, Happier, Happiest... happy becomes sad. Accordingly, Good, Better, Best, Good can be percieved as evil. By example, Adam and Eve in the garden created the biggest sin they could possible commit by directly and intentionally disobeying God's command - but is that evil? and yet from that transgression, look at the evil we know today! Bear with me, I am leading up to something...we will both know when I get there. ;)

Think for a minute of a hundred dollar bill, and imagine it in your hand. Now, that hundred bucks can make you happy knowing you have it, it can make you secure knowing you have a manner in which to provide yourself with food/clothing/shelter (I know, its only a hundred bucks--but go with it). Consider that $100 bucks as God's love which has freely been given down to you. You can keep it in your pocket and be glad that its there, you can spend it taking care of yourself, and yourself alone, and it will come and go with no real notice. You can decide to share that gift with others and in doing so, you can multiply your own joy, because now you are not only joyous that you had $100... but you have brought joy to another! So say that is your decision, you are going to share the love, and the joy. You have countless options... Lets look at three.

First, lets say that you could spend the money stimulating the economy, a portion goes to taxes, a portion is returned in goods to yourself, a portion is paid out in wages to support another, and a portion of it profits corporations... some of it will go to good, some of it will go to evil, you will have no real knowledge of where any of it ends up and such is the circle of life. Thats what most of us do with our money, thats what most of us do with our life.

Second, helping someone less fortunate than yourself is another option...consider a homeless person, alcoholic, drug addict, etc. or an orphaned or abandoned child.

Finally, you could throw in a little extra in the church basket, or give it to a charity.

I think we all do number 1... its called getting by. We earn, we spend, sometimes we are good, sometimes we are bad, it is what it is.
Sometimes we do number 3... but number 3 turns into a gray area, especially when the wealthy do it for a tax break. Chrisitan charity is not giving something you won't miss, but that is another story.

So number 2. I think a lot of people would easily give to the orphaned child, and would reject the homeless addict... but noone really knows what hope would mean to either. In God's perfect world, the addict just might turn his life around and then use the pain his life held up to that point to create works of art whether writing, painting, singing, or they may just become a beacon of hope for others through their words and their deads...but the fact is that as long as their is breath in the body, there is the potential for greatness from the soul. The child on the other hand, who most people would willing and lovingly give could quite likely turn into a rapist, an abuser, a serial killer or an addict. It is not up to you, or I, though we could hope to give either enough love and hope that they achieve what is best for them. But the truth is that "turning good" or "turning bad" does not negate the effect each has upon the other. If you kill a man in cold blood, then turn around and save a family from a burning car...one does not make you more or less of a hero. Of course one is more desireable than the other, that is plain to see....but God sees in all of us the potential to do something good...and at some point in our life, I am sure we have. Doesn't mean we haven't can't or won't do something bad!

To indiscriminately destroy evil would essentially be to destroy all life. God is a God of love and compassion, forgiveness and hope. Make no mistake that God is not weak... Vengenance is mine sayeth the Lord. People wonder how God can allow the suffering in the world, and the evil in the world, and wonder how each year there gets to be so much more of and God will not do anything...but just suppose that there is such a thing as life after death...reincarnation... what would be an appropriate punishment for a myriad of sins. Doesn't the bible say that as you do unto others, the same will be done unto you... 10 fold.

God created the heavens and the earth and all things upon the earth and in the heavens. There is no evil in heaven with God, but it has to go somewhere... so we get it here on earth. When will the evil stop....when we stop it here on earth. Think back to teh $100.00 and remember the ways we thought about spending/sharing it... what if, instead of choosing any of the options above, we refused to make a choice, and took a lighter to the 100.00 bucks... that way no good, or no evil could become of it. But then... wouldn't the ashes return to the earth to nourish the soil, wouldn't the smoke rise from the fire and pollute the air. Small nourishment, small polution, but even when the $100 ceased to be, did it? I think that is God's dilema with us. I don't know really, I am not God. You want to know - ask him. You want to know who will win the battle between good and evil, look in your heart because thats where the war is being waged.

Will God ever destory the evil in the world and start anew? I believe He will, but even if He doesn't... my life is made better by my belief that He will....
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Interesting, a well made point. That being said, when you read the Bible and about the garden of Eden, in the center of the garden there were TWO trees, Gen.2:9. God created the tree was so man would have knowledge of good and evil, but forbade them to eat from it because He wanted to have a perfect relationship. What happened with Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God by eating from the tree of good and evil was that sin entered into the world. God even allowed that to happen because we are so profoundly loved by Him. <br />
Yes, there will be no more evil when this world is gone and the new world where we will be with Him is made. Whhhhooooo hooooooo!!!!

I think about the whole garden of eden thing... and when you get right down to it, God wanted to protect us from knowledge, In essence, to save us from our selves... Satan's greatest EVIL was to convince humans that they didn't need God. All the evil in the world doesn't come from Satan... it just gets blamed on him. I am scared that I will not do well in heaven because I am not obedient... I have faith that God can heal that, and daily I offer my will up to God, but he doesn't want puppets, if he wanted puppets, he wouldn't have given us free will.

I agree, God did want to protect us then as He does now. He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Evil isn't from Satan, it is allowed by God. God created evil. As He did everything EXCEPT sin. Why He allowed sin I don't know and don't care because He sent His only Begotten Son that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Don't be afraid of not doing well in heaven because like our salvation, it does not have anything to do with us but every thing was done on the cross at Calvery. Being in the flesh, on this earth, all of us fall short. There was only one man that walked the face of earth who was perfect, Jesus the Christ. The disobedience to God is allowed to demonstrate His love for us that while we were yet sinners, Jesus died for our sins, that being past present and future. We will never attain perfection until the Lord comes down and recieves us and only those who put their trust in Jesus Christ. Thats where our response should be, recognizing Gods sacrifice for us, personally, intimately because He is God.....

I suppose though that what I am saying is that even when our flesh leaves this world... we will still not achieve perfection, so how then will there be a heaven?

The Bible says we will be made like Him, perfection is Him, by that I mean Jesus and yes because we are made in His image and will be LIKE Him when we depart this flesh, perfection is obtained. God our Father does not see us but through the shed blood of Jesus, agree or disagree? The Bible says that God, the Father, can't even look at sin for there is no darkness in Him. I don't know your concept of perfection and I believe we just need to "trust" Him. It is a very interesting perspective though. Perfect is limited to what we know now but when we pass this life and enter His presence the Bible says that He will give to us all knowledge.

I don't know my concept of perfection either. Having never experienced it, I cannot fathom it. I have experienced God. I believe in reincarnation because I have been here before, and while I do not remember much about past lives, I carry things from those lives with me. Such is the way that people acquire universal knowledge... there is no way to learn everything there is to learn in a single lifetime! If by being LIKE him, you mean eventually we will be worthy of entering into service for him...I think there are already a lot of people on earth who do serve him. But I am so far removed from God's love right now it is hard for me to even remember what it would be like... to even dream about what it would be like to be in a place that is not filled with evil (greed, hatred, addictions etc.).

I don't think the Bible references reincarnation, and yes, I do think God in His mercyful ways, allows some of us to have reflections, or feelings if you will, of having been, said, done, something before. I want to encourage you to know that Gods love for you isn't like anything like what we think of love. The height, width, and depth of Gods love is greater than we can ever imagine. You know the story of the prodical son. Time to head back and talk with Father. ALL of us need to do that. His said to us, Never will I leave you nor forsake you. The Bible also says that He is faithful and just and to complete the good works He began in us. Our part is to trust and obey, even when we mess up big time He is there waiting with a grace that can't be explained. That "place" you mention is the "goal" we are to strive for living every day as our last here. I heard a sermon this morning about putting God first in our lives. Matt. 6:33 seek ye first the kindom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. It isn't some things, it's all things when we're able to put God first. I believe that's what you're doing right now and know you are loved.

I believe whether or not the bible references reincarnation is open to debate, and Jesus refers to John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah the prophet (In Matthew vs. 13-14). But I am not a huge biblical scholar. While I make attempts to study the bible because I want to learn more about God, more about Gods word, I do not believe that the bible contains a whole and absolute truth, there are pieces missing... there are portions of the bible that have been subject to translation, and even there are portions that while may be an absolute truth, do not apply absolutely. (Sacrafice to be one example) But I am not looking for an argument about reincarnation, or whether the bible is true... I think basically we are on the same page... but when a journey causes you to come "full circle" so to speak, you have to look at it from every angle... from uphill and downhill, from the east and west... and the same tree (being the truth) will cast a different shadow in the morning as it does in the night, but tree remains the same.

Matthew 11... vs. 13-14, sorry about that

I too am not a scholar but have studied it a little. You are correct,I believe, that the Bible does have "pieces missing" and thats where faith comes in. It is absolute truth and yes, correctly applied (sacrifice for example) and within the right context to understand correct application allows us to experience God in a more personal way. There are many tools that can help us understand more about God but it isn't the understanding more about God than it is about experiencing God in our own lives while on earth. I've heard it said that you can read a scripture verse and it mean one thing to you and I can read the same verse and it would mean something different to me. That is completelly false. God is not a God of confusion, He is a God that is very specific. What I mean is, there are grammatical tools that gives very precise definitions to interpret Gods word. Yes, we are on the same page! One God, the only true God and we will never know completely till He comes so with that I say may your journey be safe and your life happy filled with the Holy Spirit and a joy that surpasses understanding. Be of sound mind and have a peaceful spirit and know that God reallly loves YOU

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Thanks, I needed that.<br />
<br />
My boyfriend got locked up on Monday and I have given him opportunity after opportunity to make the right decision the first time, but he seem to never get it always wanting a do over.<br />
<br />
The court gave him a chance and he ****** that up and now he has to spend the next 5 months away from his daughter, his business is closed, his mortgage has ceased and I am going back to my ex.<br />
<br />
After these 5 month and the judge hear his case he may have to go back for another 2 years. God gave each one of us free will, even though he knows what we will do, he gives us an opportuntiy to change our way of thinking and make the right choice the first time.

Good luck on starting anew without the bad boyfriend the door is open for a good one... or perhaps for your ex to be better than he was when he became your ex. The only thing about your comment is that I am not sure that God knows what we will do...the first time around. I think he will let us keep doing it until we get it right though.