Hypocrisy (or the State of Being a Hypocrite) Is the Act of Preaching a Certain Belief Or Way of Life, But Not, In Fact, Holding These Same Virtues Oneself

I believe more "Christians" have turned people from Christianity than anything else.

First, there's my grandmother.  The woman is outrageous.  She is the most judgmental, hypercritical, egotistical individual on the planet. 

BUT, it's ok; because she's forgiven.  She's a Baptist, and she loves Jesus, so it doesn't matter what she does to any of His other people, or how she treats them.  It's ok to steal $6,000 from me, because I'm a bad egg, the black sheep of the family...Not living to HER standards.  It doesn't matter that everyone on the planet knew my dad wanted that money used for my eldest daughter's college fund. 

It's ok that she took my dying father from his apartment without my knowledge and put him in a nursing home and refused to tell me where he was.  After all, I was his only daughter, the 'light of his life' (in his own words), not to mention that I held the legal power of attorney for him!  She forged the documents to move him.  Again, ok for her to do illegal things, because she loves Jesus.  The worst part of this is not even what she did to me in this matter; it's what she did to her own SON.  He was hideously sick with diabetes, and managed to hang on until I found him.  He died that night.  All the workers in the nursing home said he was waiting on me.  They knew...

And then there's my daughter's boyfriend's mother. 

Now, this woman is a respected member of the church and community.  Has handed out parenting advice to me and anyone else who would listen- criticizing us if we yelled, insisting that we should never curse, etc and so on. 

When her son left home, (the FIRST opportunity he got, lemme tell ya!) he was broke, and stealing mac-n-cheese from the store to eat.  Who brought him groceries regularly?  The good christian mom?  NOPE.  (Yeah, me.) Who told him about the food pantry?  Not her.  (Yeah, me, and I took him there, too, cause he didn't have any gas money.)

When he wrecked his car, who paid for the tow bill, and helped him fix his car?  His good christian father- the auto mechanic?  NOPE.  (My husband!  Who drives a truck and spends 5 out of 7 days a week gone from the family...he spent almost 2 weeks on that car!)

When he decided to move out of the slum he was living in, who helped him pack his things and hauled them and unloaded them, helping him get resettled?  Not them! (Yeah, me.)

I could go on, but the point is this.  She actually offered to pay the boy money to not move closer to our house, into a nicer neighborhood...because I/we (my family) are bad people. 

We're bad people??  I don't like to toot my own horn, and I only 'bragged' about the above to prove my points...but I help people regularly.  I have given thousands of dollars to people, without ever asking for repayment, just because I wanted to help them!  I have brought food, I have cooked, I have cleaned, I have babysat, I have been a shoulder to cry on, I have, I have, I have! 

But I'm a bad person?? 

Her son tells me that this woman cusses regularly at home, has beat him, wanted to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with him, is cheating on her husband, and the list goes on.

But I'm a bad person...

And so, hypocrisy reigns. 


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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Yeah, I just can't force myself to go to any church anymore...thanks for the comments...

people are stupid. I live in Utah.... the whole state is LDS and I have no problem with LDS people for hellsake I joined the church when I was 18 only to leave when I was 20 because it became about making everyone else happy and not God. They have the biggest **** and drug addiction problems in this church because "if the bishop and the ward members don't know then its ok" attitude. There are so many church members who are good and live up to their word and do good things like you do froggy and they are overrun by those who are like your daughters bf's mother and your grandmother. FAKE. the biggest reason I peaced out of the church was to get away from those kinds of people.

right on!!