Cell Phone Fiddling

Am I the last person on earth who thinks fiddling with your phone when you invite guest over is rude? It's not like times when you "invite" yourself over and then they are in the middle of something that you interrupted, if that's the case then I'm fine with that, but if one of my buddies invite me over and do it, it kills me. Then act like I'm the jerk when I call you out on it. I deserve better than to be treated like that. Go "hang out" with your phone, see how many times it'll give you a free ride to get to places, see how many times it'll grab stuff from the store when you're sick, see how many times it'll help you change a flat tire, see how times it'll ask if you are ok when you're feeling down and out.
No, really, I'll see myself out.
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Exactly ! I hear what you are saying.

Nemi cartoon by Lise Myhre | Metro.co.uk <br />
Dec 4th. take a look. I tried to copy and paste, but it wont let me.<br />
Its a perfect illustration for this story.