Why People Act The Way They Do

why people act the way they do? that is really good question, I believe there are 2 kinds of people. One kind - people scared of big world and second group - people scared of themselves
People scared of big world are usually shy, sad, always alone, always at home, always doing the same things, scared of trying something new. And when they do have some idea what they could do with their lifes if they fail - they will never try anything again. Those kind of people are usually annoying to all of happy people. You know why? Because their bad, negative energy is all around them
Second group - people scared of themselves are usually people full of themselves because they are scared they will be rejected or forgotten so they act unnaturaly. They have best clothes, they drink a lot, they make troubles, they want to be at the top. But the reason they are doing all that is because they just want to be seen. They are scared that if they will be normal like others, no one will like them or see them

That is how I see people around me. But remember, we are all humans, nobody is perfect
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The reason that people act the way that they do is because they try to be like everybody else. From the time that we are toddlers we are taught/ programmed through all forms of media and publications how we should act, what is pretty, what is ugly, what things we should buy, what we should like and even what kind of people we should socialize with. The sad part is that most people continue living to fit the example that they were told to fit for as long as they can remember. The few "normal" people, who for some reason decide to be individuals and think for themselves, following their own design, figuring out their own likes and dislikes and deciding for themselves the kind of people to socialize with, are usually frowned upon. The upside being that those few individuals usually live stress free (if there is such a thing), taking life as it comes and not trying to fit in with what is popular and/or accepted, that is until they try to live in both worlds.

So what about the people that live their lives for the Lord Our God. It's not their life to live because you gotta remember...........we are never in charge and it is he who truly runs all things.

I am not in those kind of categories. I am a person like to make a breakthrough in my life. I am quickly get boring and need to try a new activity. These kind of people are losers in your categories. People like that won't encourage and motivate us. I call them rubbish in this world. They aren't important to my life. Forever they will stay as a losers.

Would it upset you to know there are more groups? I am honestly happy woth Life and myself and cheerful most of the time. No time to be down about things. R XX

Honey, I did not catch my typo, what I was trying to say to you was, I DON'T from the bottom of my heart, see you fitting into either of these groups, loving,

Sweetheart, I am a little confused, from the time I started reading, some of your inner-most thoughts, and listening to your heart, I find you fitting into either of those groups, you are in a serious study, trying to learn more about yourself, you are always looking for the best in those around you, you have deeply fallen in love with your music, and the Heavenly sounds, that you produce, I don't see you withdrawing, but, a beautifully, gorgeous girl, who is attempting to face the world head-on, and striving for the best, that is yet to come, I am so, deeply proud of you, loving and caring,

Someone hit the nail on the head. One thing which always intrigued me was the psychological model of human behavior and interaction. By nature humans are social beings. And you are absolutely correct. What drives the component models of the psyche? Fear. Although our brains have evolved with higher order processing it is our limbic system which drives our most primitive instinct. Our instinct for survival. I know there was a time I fell into that first category. Shy, introverted, afraid to fail so I was afraid to take chances.... maybe I'm still there. Just better at masking it.

i agree. a lot of poepl are scared to live their own life. we bought a house and moved 600 miles with no job or clue what would happen when we got here. it turned out great but we have family members who claim they with they could do the same think but they are scared to take the first step. i think they lack faith.