Just Some People

i recemtly wrote a story,and got one of those holyer than thou you can go to hell  comments.now,i have no illuseion that there are people who have had it worse than me.this person then assumed i guess,that i had no job.and that my life has been a big bunch of roses.and that just blew my fuse.my life hasn`t been pretty,i have to work like anybody else.i hate she felt like launching a personal attack,but some people are just that way,and will justify it any way they can.and then they wonder why people get mad.please,give me a break from those people!

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

i can imagine how angry you must be. i hate preachers!<br />
its hard not to be judgemental sometimes (im not giving her excuses though). <br />
unfortunately when you are hearing only small snippets about people you dont know it is easy to jump to conclusions. <br />
try not to let this get to you too much. there are good people on here too!

It's hard not to take things personally when people attack us for seemingly no reason. <br />
Just keep going on, there are other people who are not like that, ghost.<br />
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