Tired of Anti-religious Zealots

I don't really identify with a religion.  However, I do believe in God.  This makes me a target for atheists when they feel like being a**holes, and I hate it.

I understand that religious zealots can be annoying.  However, what makes you think that being an ANTI-religious zealot is any better?!  Hate is still hate, no matter what side of the field you're playing on.  Just because you think you are "justified" in your hate (as many religious people also do) does NOT make you ANY better!

I am constantly being insulted by these people.  I have been called "ignorant," "stupid," "immature," "blind," and have been told I have a mental disorder, JUST BECAUSE I believe in something they don't.  Maybe I can't provide any scientific, testable evidence that there is a God.  But you know what?  THEY can't provide any scientific, testable evidence that I am the one who is wrong.  So shut your mouth and leave me be.  You are NOT better than me just because you think there is no God.  Deal with it!

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Jul 1, 2009