...don't know if that's a word, but I despise the fakeness people have.  I hate when you are having conversation with someone and realize in the middle of it, that they are completely speaking with a type of shield on to prevent people from understanding them.

Oh. and for a real story I guess... I spent the night at my friend's house and she invited over a friend she had not seen in a while.  I was excited to meet someone who I thought was pretty cool, but I was literally completely shocked by how absolutely shallow she was.  It makes me so mad that people think like that... the conversation between her and my friend (I knew none of the people they were talking about) was about how girls they knew got fat, were dating someone who was either below or above them, were anorexic, chainsmokers, *****...and so on.  I jsut absolutely did not want to be apart of this and hope that the people I am actually friends with are not at all this shallow.  I hope to avoid people like this...

Ehh... well that is just a sample. I literally have a hundred vents about people. (not that I am even remotely not annoying or am perfect in any way)

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i'm not sure if it's a word either but i totally agree with you.