Okay, just so you know. Life is not a cold, dead place full of misery. There is no honour in sitting in a corner and grieving your own misery. There is no use in becoming emo. But come on. Life is not THAT fun.

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oh, my, bad dont mean to po,po an your pitty party me im a pirk person who laugh at you party poopers ha ha my life is great dont you wish your life was as good as mine i know you do so ha ha you waistyed your life hating yourself so ha ha im a happy beautiful person , oh are you one of the ugleis thats ok because us pirky people make up for all you downers and feel good about it too me so pirky oh me not dumb blond either me smart ok ! well enjoy your unhappiness your well come to move out of the darks side and join us happy people on the other side BYE!

you sucky me rong time no? No? me wanty rearn engrish too, no? me so "pirky".

Oh my god, your English. It hurts my brain.

Au contraire, Pierre. Life is fun. Life is supposed to be fun. those who are "perky" are the ones who finally understand what life is about. Don't sit around being miserable. Get up, go out, dance, joke, drink, work hard, play hard, enjoy what God has given you. <br />
Even when life knocks you down to the ground (it happens to all of us) get back up, take a drink of life, yell, and say: yeah, bay, I'm ready again. <br />
LIve like there is no tomorrow ( there might not be) Take care. Don't worry - be happy.

If they're perky for real its not a problem , if they're phony as a wooden nickle . I can understand where a shove of a cliff doesn't sound so unreasonable .<br />
<br />
Hard as it may seem , their are people that are really that perky 24/7 . Thought's were that she could not be for real at first but after ten years , I'll give her her due .