Annoyed At My Boyfriend.

He is like, obsessed with his cousin and her boyfriend. If I'm not at his house, and they come over there for a cookout or something, he won't call me. If I am there, and they come over, he just leaves me in the house by myself while they all go outside and socialize and drink. His cousin will sit and talk to me, usually, but I'm not there to see her! I'm there to spend a limited amount of time with him. I get to see him every other weekend, which sucks. Especially when he stays outside until 12 drinking, and comes in the house tired and ready for bed.

He got mad at me last time because I didn't go outside and socialize with him, his dad, and his cousin's boyfriend. But, damn, I don't wanna sit outside with three men. Then, the next night, we were laying in bed and he was all sleepy. They pulled up to show us their new car, and he jumped out of bed immediately and stayed outside for thirty minutes. I really like his cousin and her boyfriend a lot. But, I really don't wish for them to come over EVERY night that I'm there.

The other night he swore he'd call me the next day. I waited and waited. I was PISSED. Finally, at 2:30 AM he called me to tell me that he'd gone fishing and drinking with his cousin's boyfriend. I don't care about him doing that kinda stuff. I know that guy isn't a bad influence, he isn't one of those guys who trys to get his friends to cheat. He is in a very committed relationship with my boyfriend's cousin. But, he could have called me BEFORE he went out fishing. Unfortunately, when they walk in the door, I'm out of his mind.

He promised he'd call tonight, but didn't. I suppose they came over for dinner or something.
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You know... I think destiney24 is right. You shouldn't be second best. You should be first all the time. Don't be the the steak. I know some girls that are in the same boat as you. In my opinion they are a girlfriend of convenience because they fit into their boyfriend's lifestyle.

sounds like he is drinking a lot

take charge grl ! <br />
sit down and talk to him, lay down rules, and what happens if he breaks them