Isn't It Annoying?

Doesn't it annoy you when couple goes out for a period of time,  discovers they have differences, break up, and both decided to be JUST BE FRIENDS? I mean, do people really think that they can ever go back to the movies, have play fights and hang out on a buddy level? When deep down, all they can think about is whether the other has a new boyfriend/girlfriend, and wonder if they will get back together again. I don't really think that ex-couples will ever get over an inside awkwardness and think of each other as a mate. Or if a girl is asked out by a guy, and she just wants to be friends, as if he will think of her as a friend.

When it comes to just a guy and girl starting out and staying buddies, definitely, this works for everybody. But as far as guy and gals of roughly the same generation goes, no one is totally free of romantic inclinations that come from deeeeeeep down, whether people are aware of it or not.     

For others maybe, they can accept and allow it to happen. But doesn't it hurt?

How about you? What do you think?

kismet kismet
26-30, F
Apr 1, 2007