My Mom.

Okay my little brother doesn't often come home from school right away, or he only comes home briefly after school, before going down to the local YMCA, or to his friend's house behind ours.  It is the normal thing for him.  I can think of only one day in the past week where he hasn't come in here and told me he was going to play basketball at the Y. 

By now, I expect him to stay out until 6-7 PM.  I think it's cool because we live in such an old fashioned town that the kids can do things that kids used to do back in the day.  Either way he is always in one of two places:  His friend's or the YMCA.  If he goes any place else he calls me or my mom first. 

Well, everyday my mom comes home and yells, "Where is my son?!?"

Then she makes the biggest deal about it.  When I was away from home over the summer and for six weeks in October/November, she would call me and say how she hardly ever saw my brother because he was always out roaming the neighborhood with friends.  So I personally feel like she is just coming home and overreacting out of sheer boredom.

She knows where he is, she knows how to reach him where he is, but she still comes in and asks where he is and yells.  Then, if he doesn't check in with me she yells at me and says, "You don't know where he is?!"

It really drives me up a wall because ninety percent of the time I am the only one in the house that knows where he is, or whats going on for him at school.  I have to remind my mom to pay for his field trips and crap, and I help him do his homework.  He is 12, btw.  I am just annoyed that she comes home and asks the same question, very dramatically, each day.

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Feb 23, 2009