The Kids.

I really value my alone time during the day, but for whatever reason, one day out of EVERY week, something happens to sabotage that.  Last week, the kids had two days out from school because it snowed, two weeks ago my sister was sick for two days, three weeks ago my mom stayed home for IDK what, the week before that it was my brother...  I remember thinking, just last night, how lucky I had been getting this week because it was almost thursday and no one had ruined my day.

What do I get?!?  About fifteen mins ago I was sleeping.  Probably alot more comfortably than usual.  Suddenly there was banging on my window and screaming.  Apparently my bro and sis had come home early.  For one thing, my sister has a key.  But they are both so irresponsible, I bet she lost it already.

So I went to unlock the door, and I was pissed.  First of all, at my wake-up call, and second, because I really would much rather not have to deal with their ***** until 4 PM.  I knew there was no chance of me getting back to sleep at that point. 

But I didn't expect that my brother had brought home a friend and they immediately started playing tag in the house.  They're twelve.  The whole entire house is shaking, as they run about and slam doors and scream like little girls. 

Since I hadn't gotten up yet, I had not had the opportunity to clean up the house from last night and the huge mess I'm sure they all made this morning.  Everyday I clean this house spotless, and every morning when I get up it looks like a tornado swept through.  Now, they're home, which means they're going to start cooking and making messes and leaving trash around.  So it's going to be one big mess, on top of the first big mess. 

Do you think they help out??  Only with creating the mess.  They're twelve and sixteen.  You'd think they would help some.  But they don't.  They eat all day, dirtying up dishes.  I'm just annoyed because I really like having my hours to relax, take care of the housework, and enjoy myself.  Unfortunately that has gone to s**t and because this is only thursday and they were released a the half day mark, that means:  NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!! 

The idiot school system thinks that kids need a day and a half off from school to receive report cards.  WTF?!?  No, they need to go their ***** to school!  So tomorrow, at 7:30 AM on the dot, they're gonna be up screaming, running, playing, cooking, whatever loud **** they can think of.  They refuse to sleep in on their days out of school, which, when I was in school and I had a day off that was my favorite part.  But they wake up at the time they usually get up for school and just pretend they're monkeys.


I need a vacation.  Which brings me to my next topic of annoyance.  My father and I have had a verrry rocky relationship for several years now, due to lifestyle choices he has made.  He is a truck driver, so every so often he would ask me to come out on the road with him.  I'd politely refuse, though, because I didn't want to be with him.  Well, I hadn't talked to him since Christmas when he called me Saturday evening.  He asked me to go out west with him for four days.  This time, I agreed.  I really don't have much else to do and I can bring my schoolwork with me.

He told me he would be here to get me either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, early, and to be expecting his call.  Well, it's Thursday afternoon.  I haven't heard from him at all.  I've actually been so excited about this trip.  My suitcase is packed and ready.  My dad is famous for his broken promises and letting me down.  I just didn't think he would because he has wanted me to go out on the road with him for years now.  He even told me on the phone, "Please don't change your mind!"

So where is he now??  I feel so dumb.  I shouldn't have trusted him.  I should have left my clothes in my dresser until final word from him. 

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 12, 2009