The Addiction Lives.

Okay, first of all, I sometimes wish that Facebook would get shut down.  For the past almost year, my mom has had a nasty addiction to it.  It has interfered with all of our lives dramatically.  Seriously, her addiction is no worse than a crack addict's.  She criticizes me for being on my computer alot, but what most people don't realize is that she STAYS on her mobile web browser, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, on Facebook.  She pretends she's texting. 

Her relationship with her boyfriend is crap because she ignores him constantly, for Facebook, where she flirts with other men.  She does nothing with "her dog."  We all have to take him out and feed him, etc.  She hardly ever cleans or goes grocery shopping, and if she does either one she's on mobile Facebook.  She forgets things, she is disinterested in any activity not involving the website. 

She thinks everybody on her friend's list is sitting around ALL DAY waiting and watching for her next post.  It is absolutely 100% absurd.  On average, I receive about 2-3 texts a day, at minimum, from her giving me "Facebook commands" like, "Don't say anything under my status," "Go under my status and say _________" or "Go post this video on my FB!"  A couple months ago when I was staying away from home, I spilled Sprite on my keyboard.  My n key doesn't work, so I have to paste EVERY n that I use in what I type.  This has been a pain for schoolwork.  Well, she knows about this.  Instead of using the home computer (because she doesn't want her bf over her shoulder) she insists on using my laptop.  Then, she can't get the hang of the pasting thing, so she starts banging violently on the keyboard, making really unnecessary mean remarks about me, and develops this monster attitude towards the whole family.

She tells me that she wants to use the computer to post her status every now and then, because she feels she looks "poor" posting from mobile web all the time.  So, since she won't grocery shop (please save your misinformed remarks about this, there is a reason or two why I cannot grocery shop or move out at the moment) we have to eat out almost every night.  Well, we don't get to eat until she has had her Facebook time and full on breakdown over my keyboard everyday.  Yesterday she kept saying that I was a "weak person" and other put downs because she couldn't IM chat with someone, due to the n key.  It is driving me crazy, tonight she couldn't log in to Facebook on her phone.  She kept texting, asking if I'd changed her password behind her back.  At 12 AM, she came in my room to make me log in to her Facebook, to see that it still works and her password hadn't changed. 

I can guarantee she is still wide awake trying to access the website.  It really wouldn't bother me if she would leave me out of it.  I am tired of having to add things for her, act a certain way when I comment her activity, I even have to watch what I say on my own profile!  She and I share some friends and she doesn't want to "look bad."  I am not allowed to say anything food related to her on Facebook because apparently, food is "embarrassing."  It is really stressing me out.

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Go learn how to ******* read.

I just read your post on the "i hate my child" group.. I just want to say after reading this, that you are obviously a very immature and angry child. It seems as though you have some mommy issues yourself. Maybe that's why you're so quick to judge others or flaunt your opinion.. Or maybe you were looking there to get some insight into your own family dynamic. You obviously have no children, so you have no right to judge those who are having a hard time with theirs. I'm not defending them, or saying that it's ok to feel that way.. but.. Maybe you should spend your time and energy trying to fix your relationship with YOUR mom rather than sticking your nose in other people's business.

Actually, no, surprisingly. I'm glad she doesn't, because I get wayy too many Farmville requests. already lol!

Yeah, it's not wearing off on her at all.

I remember back when this started with your mom cause you made a post back then...