I Need An Ana Buddy.

I just started with this and I don't want to give in before I give myself a chance.
I'm a dependent person and with the recent death of my grandmother and the heartbreak of a significant other giving up on me...
Well let's just say I have too much, I'm tired of being fat and I have 47 days to prove to myself I can do this.
47 days to prove to him, and him, and her, and to all of those ******** that I'm not fat and I won't always be fat.
I refuse to be and weigh this much.

I need someone I can talk to all day, someone to keep me interested, someone I can be comfortable with, and someone that makes me laugh.
Hopefully, someone my age? 16-18?
Thanks you guys <3
failureisnotanoption failureisnotanoption
18-21, F
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My fiance passed away a few weeks ago and it's triggered my relapse into unhealthy eating too. I miss him so much and am looking for comfort in food. I'm so sick of being this fat blob and just want to start to take ownership on my own body. We could be friends - I could use some mutual support :)

Please stop this. I can't stop you, but please don't drag anyone else into the hell that is anorexia.

Hello failureisnotanoption,
I am currently writing a Thesis on AN and am offering free 4 Kinesiology treatments for long term AN Sufferers. I am a student of Elizabeth Hughes.
I would only need permission from you and a lock of your hair sent to me via post to do these treatments. I would be happy to report via email or Phone/Skype on my findings if you would like to know them.
The goal of my Thesis is to prove that Kinesiology is an effective Treatment for AN when the conventional approach has failed. I aim to prove that Kinesiology can unlock and heal the underlying causes.
Thank you for considering this offer.
Kind Regards,
Jane McGarvey.
Sunshine Coast, Australia.

we can be friends

it's not worth it love. anorexia has not only ruined my health, stole relationships, held me bondage, but changed me forever. Out of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most.

I'll be your Ana buddy

You don't 'choose' to go anorexic

anorexia is the problem, not the solution.

If you have bbm im part of a forum for anna's and pro annas just message me if you want adding x

hi i am sorry to hear that your going through this :( i am also extremely frustrated with life. i am starting a diet and i would love to support you and i could definately use some support too! i am 18 yrs, thanks:) and good luck to you!!!

I'm 17 years old and have pretty much exactly gone through the same thing as you. If you need someone to talk to just let me know :)

For the love of God, please seek help. If you really were overweight and needed help dieting, that would be one thing. But you admit you have anorexia and that you are doing this as a weird type of self-punishment/strike at your ex. See a doctor or a shrink or both. I beg you.

I feel exactly how you feel!!!! I totally need someone to talk too! I'm 16 (: message me? Add me???

Add me as a friend :)

Hai, Add me on msn japan_@live.com. Im 16, Just tell me you know me from this site.<br />

add me as a friend?

Okay well I'm 20..going on 21, def. not in the age group you wanted, but I've had a problem with eating since I was 15...when I started drinking, smoking pot, and having sex, woo! Now a days, as an adult you learn that no one really cares what you do anymore... at least my eating habits have been highly ignored for the last 2 years... I guess when your legally able to smoke cigarettes, your allowed to starve to death? But now I'm not even crying out for help, I'm a huge hermit, with 2 friends and one I never see... =( But the point of this was to say I'd like to talk all day! I don't do anything or go anywhere anyways ho hum.