Long Term Effects Of Anorexia?

I am writing this in my father's behalf. My father just recently lost his ability to digest food at the normal rate as many of us. Although he has been anorexic most of his adult life, he led a cautiously healthy life. Maybe too cautious. I would have to say overkill, but this was his lifestyle, and there was not much anyone could do or say about it. He is now at the point that, due to his inability to digest food, he is losing weight at a very rapid rate, as he is 6 feet, and about 85 lbs. He has been to every Dr. that is anybody here in the States, to no avail. They mostly diagnose him with gastro paresis. I do not think so.
My question to all of you out there that may have some experience with this, is the fact that he possibly shrank his stomach so much throughout his life, is it now possible that his body is now at the point whereby it will "reject" food? No Dr. has a real answer here.
I do not want to offend anybody here, but, we have absolutely nowhere else to turn. Dr.'s are saying that, at this rate of weight loss and lack of nutrition, he may have no more than 6 month's to live.
If anyone out there has had any type of similar experience as such, direct or indirect, please, I would appreciate any input as to what kind of possible solution there may be.
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Hi,<br />
I'm currently in recovery from anorexia/bulimia- I had the same problem (still do) my body rejected food but not in the same way. Have you asked about a nasogastric tube? Or a gastric tube? It's were he no longer needs to physically feed himself. I'm only 18, I realize my situation is different, but it's just an idea. And that way he could receive Nutrison (similar to ensure, but much higher calorie), and if your worried about intake it can be fed at around 20mls a hour- that's what I was on to start with. And if he continuously vomits theres impossibility to have a tube put into the lower intestine- it's physically impossible to vomit that way.

hel4u, <br />
Thank-you for your input.<br />
He is at the point where he cannot even put down a few ounces of even liquid. It takes him all day to down 8 ounces, as he has to swallow in very small installments. I have been suggesting some kind of stomach operation for a while now, but, he has had so many tests and procedures, that he is about ready to just give up.<br />
So, maybe it is possible that he shrunk his stomach to the point of NO return?<br />
Thanks again.