My Relapse

There may be some of you who have seen a few posts of mine before , or who have followed me.
Iv been battaling and eating disorder for 2 years. the past two months iv had a terrible relapse,,i thought this time i could controll , it but i cudnt iv been forced to eat these two weeks , and not even healthy eating just normal eating , iv also binged ate and when i mean binge i dont mean one cookie and a slice a bread i mean binge binge , now im in his horrible posistion where iv bloated all around my stomach , i think iv gained about 11lbs just around my middle section im not sure i cant remember this happening b4?? and , tomorrow i intend to swim every day for two hours in hope that the weight or bloatedness will go away , can anyone give advice did this happen to you and did u loose it?
please im desperate
hollay hollay
18-21, F
Jul 25, 2010