Real Life Starvation

we as in emma and riley (yes yes bestfriends...) sadly we'er obese and short....we are 4'10 and 4"11...we both are are F.A.T (tears falling from our eyes crying and fat boney fat moving around!! she weighs 85 and i weigh 86...thank you for ur operation and understanding
we sure will have hope if we get HELP that we need to be SKINNY......why do we suffer from fattness??? why us? just WHY? we planned to not eat for one day...we ended up eating an we didnt eat for 10 days.......we were 75 at that time...but our scale messed up and were now 85...86....oh lord please have HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS (yes yes its a song from a fine frenzy...get her known...) ppl were begging for help we have to reach 70 pounds by 12 days if we want to go to this rad party down the block...) our parents want us to be 70 and now we are determined to be THIn so we can make everybodyy proud.... hear us out and have hope for the hopeless.....
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

How old are you guys? This is what happened to me and my best friend (5'1 and 5'2). It ruined our friendship once the damage took its toll. Be careful. Seriously.

That's so sad. You should gain weight and you would look better. I don't like a girl to be so small in her weight. Your height is just fine and lots of guys will love it. Let me know if you would like advice or just a friend to talk to and encouragement.