Nobody Cares

Nobody cares that for almost two years I've had no friends and barely any contact with people in general. My family doesn't care that I hurt so bad emotionally that I cut myself and beat myself with hammers.So I starve myself so everyone can see how bad I hurt. But still no one cares. I thought about killing myself. I would do it now but I've decided to move to italy soon. I know you can't run from life but the source of all my unhappiness lies here and to heal myself I need to remove myself from here.
cammiealice cammiealice
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Don't starve yourself! You may think its doing something but it isn't. It is making you feel worse inside. It is actually worse then eating sugar and junky food. Look inside you and see the beautiful girl that you are and try to think positive. I hope you enjoy Italy <3 <br />

You're moving to Italy? Mom and Dad aren't superman. You need to cut it off here. They probably won't change. Not ever. I'm not Debbie Downer, I've just been hurt. Keep yourself safe and free. <br />
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Regards, Snow White

thanks, message me on here if you want