Calling All Ana's Who Want To Be Part Of A Forum On Facebook!! We're All Her For You And Will Support Anyone No Matter What Age, Race Or Gender~~you Just Need To Have Facebook!

Hi... I'm 15... Myself and about six others have a group chat on FB and you just talk about whatever, seek comfort, pair together and do fasts and such together... It's a nice place and we have members from Australia, America, Germany and the UK so far.. If you'd like to join send me a message!! The oldet member so far is 21 so... Any one welcome to apply... Hope to hear from you!!



Thornita Thornita
13-15, F
4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

would love to but cant join a group like that on facebook that is why im on here. Everyone i know would see me join sorry xx

cant join as facebook profile would show me joining. I would love to chat tho

I would love to join

i wuld love to join, except that my friends will see i am part of this group on my facebook profile rght??