Lonely. & Needs An Ana Buddy :(

I've never been diagnosed with it, but i'm fifteen and at the moment i weight 120 lbs. My highest weight is 140 and my goal is somewhere between 110-100 lbs. I eat around 200 calories a day and walk a lot as exercise. I love it but i'm kinda lonely without someone to talk to about it. i've been looking for an ana buddy for a while so if anyone wants to talk message me or something!
thinfulthinking thinfulthinking
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Yeah, I need a buddy too, It would be awesome to have someone in the same boat as me, and we can motivate eachother..<br />
my email is anothercheapshot@hotmail.com<br />

I'll be your buddy also. <br />
little_lisey000@hotmail.com <br />
I'm 16 so it will be easy to relate to each other (:

Hey I would be your ana bud email me kcasyk@gmail.com