I Cant Help How I Think

Ever since I was a little girl I've been told i was skinny.People always drew attention to it, and they would comment so much, I thought that was how it was supposed to be.When I turned 13 and started growing and getting bigger and people began to call me 'normal weight', i didn't handle it so well.I stayed small by eating little or not at all for a few days everytime i felt insecure.I probably would have grown out of it if my mom (whos rather jealous of my smallness) didnt buy me size 3 jeans (though im a 0) and large shorts (i wear extra smalls) but at 16 i still have the tendency to stop eating for awhile when someone calls me normal weight or jokes around and calls me pig or fat.Im not very helpful to myself though, i run cross country and sometimes i irrationally just see myself as fat.I know its not healthy,but its how i think
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4 Responses Aug 9, 2010

nakisha yeah that must be tough. =( I think it's hardest hearing things about your weight from your family, because they are the ones who are supposed to be making you feel better when you hurt. but Stay Strong!

i battled bein anorexic 4 a little over three yrs but im better now been proud of my self for about 6 yrs

thankyou for commenting..its so nice to know im not alone.

I feel the same way! All my life growing up I was always skinny growing up with a sister and mom over weight. I was always careful with what I would eat.. I began taking diet pills and over exercising. I am now 24yrs old and I am living in Costa Rica, I am still challenged with anerexia and will stop eating for days... People will say the same things to me like "I am normal weight (healthy)" But I am still not happy when i look at myself in the mirror... this is the first time i have made a post. It feels really good to write about it to someone!