Im Pretty Strong, But I Need Someone To Talk To...

Hey, Im 16, and having a really bad time at the moment, I was on a super diet and got down from 160 to 100, mainly by going to the gym loads, but now my parents have stopped me going to the gym. I still walk heaps each day, but I dont know how to keep from not eating heaps, as, well, im having a bad time at home at the moment, I used to only be eating 150ish calories a day, but now Im eating like 1000, because my parents keep forcing me, and sometimes i just cant help it. Im gonna try harder not to eat tomorrow, and from then on be super strong. Thank god for music, which helps me with that - totally non related, but eh. Anyway, to the main point, I'd really like someone who I can talk to, no matter the age, just someone who can help, and give me advice and stuff. Thanks so much :) x
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Hello, i am new to this EP and ana. I would love to talk/text anytime for motivation and help. I have no one to talk to at this moment and i wouldreally like to talk to someone. If so please message me so we can get to know each other and exchange numbers.

i'm 14 , i weigh 160ish , the last time i weighed myself ; i don't know what happened :/ i used to weigh 133 or less, i've been eating ' less now, a lot less . & i try to stay away from all that badd food & whatnot , & i go to the gym like every other day . the other day i went to the extreme & threw up a little, i think my dad heard me & he got worried. he told my mom & she started talking to me about how if i want to lose weight i need to just eat healthy & excercise. which is crazy cus i've been doing that all the time. i don't know what to do anymore, i want support just like you (: so i guess in a way i'm in the same as you. just need support to be stronger ..

im 17 so a little older but not by much i do the same thing i tell myself "ok since i ate today i cant eat tomrrow" but it hardly ever works i try so hard to stop from eating and i run alot but lately i have had no modivation and no energy cause i dont eat. idk why we get these problems in our lives butya know what it makes you a stronger person in the end. sounds rediculuse right. cause it seems there is no end for this. but we just have to keep faith and keep eachother in mind cause it helps to know your not alone. i will keep youin my prayers so keep me in yours

me too.I'm 15 going on 16 well.I did a full fast today.I came down from 150 to 106 in 3 months.Pls keep inspiring me these last 3 weeks have been bad.I gained 4 lbs.My parents force me 2 eat too.and sumtimes even i cant help it.