wow my school are asshloles kicking me out on my 2nd day cos they found out i have ana and appretly i cant cope with school life style what load o f b.s
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That's out of ******* order! Is there nobody you can complain to or take them to court for being prejudice? They can't kick you out if there is no evidence that you're not coping with the course, which there won't be on your second day! xxxxx

they dont i could get them done for it to so there lke well give u another chance im not gonna bother there just gonna kick me out agian

I am so sorry they treated you like that :(

Oh my, they shouldn't have the right to do that! That's so unfair :/ I hope you're doing okay and taking care of yourself x Please take care xxx

they dont have them there it was some training place i got in school did half lesson i think cos they dint wanna seem mean so waited till breaK to talk to me then ther like u have hetic lifestyle blah blah so if they appretly helped a anorexoic girl they would understand its dumb -.-oh well

WTF?! They can't do that! Did you talk to the school board?

yeah if ur not fit to do the course u get booted of it was way out of order!! like they said to me they helped a girl with ana apprelty .its load of b.s they chounlt get me out the building quic enough